Richard Bartlett I was born 14 April 1575 in Earnley and Almodington, Sussex, England to Edmund Bartlett (1530-1591) and Elizabeth Gore (1545-1616) and died 25 May 1647 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Johanna de Wiltshire (1577-1643) 10 October 1609 in Earnley, Sussex, England.

Richard Bartlett, the ancestor of the principal family of that name in America, was probably born in Wiltshire, England about 1575. He came to America in 1635, and settled inNewbury, Massachusetts.

Richard Bartlett was one of the earliest settlers of Newbury, where he died May 25, 1647, four days after making his will. In 1612 he purchased a "Breeches Bible," which has been preserved and is in the possession of his descendants. In this are given the following dates of births.

There were two brothers, Richard and John; the latter came over to Newbury in the ship "Mary and John," in 1634, He was one of the earliest settlers in Newbury. His brother Richard came the next year. They were both tanners and cordwainers, and became bosses of that business in that town. According to the biography of the Bartlett family published by Levi Bartlett, Esq., of Warner, N. H., in 1876, these brothers, John and Richard, were sons of Edpiund Barttelot of Ernley and Stopham, England, and that they sold their lands to the heir of the Stopham estates and thereby had the pecuniary means to emigrate to America and set up business here, at Newbury; they located in business at what has ever since been called Bartlett's Cove in Newbury, opposite Amesbury Ferry, where some of their descendants of the same name still reside, engaged in the same occupation, and perhaps on the same spot. The town records show that they were men of ability and influence, and while taking good care of their private business, participated in public affairs in a creditable manner.


Offspring of Richard Bartlett I and Johanna de Wiltshire (1577-1643)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Joanna Bartlett (1610-1653)
John Bartlett (1613-1679)
Thomas Bartlett (1615-1679)
Richard Bartlett (1621-1698) 31 October 1621 Earnley, Sussex, England 18 July 1698 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts Abigail Welles (1620-1687)
Christopher Bartlett (1623-1670)


Bartlett Family Ancestry

This family is one of the oldest of the colonial families in America, and has produced numerous representatives who have occupied positions of distinction, not only in New England, but in many of the central and western states. Josiah Bartlett, the second to sign the Declaration of Independence, was one of this family prominent during revolutionary times. There are in this country other families of the name represented, but the family here sketched is accredited with being the earliest and most prominent. The name of Bartlett is frequently spelled Bartlet in the early records of Essex county, Massachusetts, other spelling such as Bartlit and Bartlot being sometimes found.

He was descended from Adam de Barlot, who with William the Conqueror came over from Normandy and fought at the battle of Hastings, and who received grants of land at Stopham, Sussex. Later in the fiteenth century a castle, coat-of-arms and crest were granted to the family. The estates granted eight hundred years ago have descended in the male line of the Bartlett family to the present (1908) day.

The ancestors of the Bartletts came from Normandy with William the Conqueror, and fought at the battle of Hastings. Stopham, England, is the ancestral seat of the family.



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