Richard Snow of Woburn was born circa 1608 in England and died 5 May 1677 Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States of unspecified causes. He married Annesavis Barrat (1616-1677) 1639 in Massachusetts.

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NOT Richard Snow of Barnstable

There is much controversy over the origins of Richard Snow. One option is that he is the Richard Snow who traveled to Barbados, later removing to Massachusetts. Another is that he was from Barnstaple and moved to Massachusetts in 1640s.

He could not have been the Richard of Barnstable, as the oldest son of the Richard of Barnstable was Richard; whereas the Richard of Woburn (this Richard Snow) lists in his will that his oldest son was John.

Regardless of his origins, we do know that Richard Snow was the earliest inhabitant of Woburn bearing his name. He was taxed there in the Rate for the Country, assessed 8 Sept. 1645, which was the first tax in Woburn upon record. In 1647/8, land was granted him by the town. He bought, 19 Nov. 1656, a house and 20 acres of land of George Farley, one of the original inhabitants of Woburn. He seems to have been an industrious, thriving husbandman, and to have maintained a respectable rank in society; but not being amibitious of honor and distinction, he never attained to any considerable office either in the church or town. Richard Snow was dismissed from ordinary trainings in 1659 'in consideration of his insufficiency to bear arms.' He petitioned at court on 26 June 1659, aged about 62 years, that he was lame and desired to be dismissed. Military training was required for men between the ages of sixteen and sixty, so a special petition really wasn't necessary to allow him to discontinue his service. Several months before his death, Richard Snow made his will: . . . Regretably, the Woburn birth records omit the mother's name until the mid-1680s, so we do not know if Avis was the mother of any of Richard's children. But his wife, Avis, relinquishes her right to execute her husband's will, show that her name was truly Avis.


Offspring of Richard Snow of Woburn and Annesavis Barrat (1616-1677)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John Snow (1640-1706) 1640 England 25 November 1706 Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Mary Green (1644-1712)
James Snow (1643-1709)
Daniel Snow (1644-1646)
Samuel Snow (1647-1717)
Zachariah Snow (1649-1711)



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