Richard Todd was born 1829 in London, Middlesex, England to Francis Todd (1791-1852) and Mary Ann Bradshaw (c1803-1839) and died August 1886 Geelong, Victoria, Australia of unspecified causes.

Richard arrived in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 10 January 1833 at the age of 3 years aboard the "Palambam" with his mother and siblings. There they joined his father who had arrived in Sydney as a free settler about 2 months earlier aboard the "Planter". The family had been unable to sail together.

Richard and his younger sister Sophia were baptised 3 days before their father had sailed on 13 June 1832. Richard and his mother & siblings sailed on 24 August 1832.

According to research by Richard's granddaughter Dorothea Georgina Todd (1905-1985), Richard moved to Melbourne in 1846 aboard the "Mariner" at the age of about 16. He was later joined by his sisters Sophia Lansdown (nee Todd), Edith Ellen Giles (nee Todd), and Harriet Emma Todd. Other siblings have been unable to be traced.

Richard's age was given as 3 years in January 1833 when he immigrated and 24 years in April 1854 when he married. This establishes his year of birth as 1829. His age recorded at his death in August 1886 was 65 which was incorrect. He was only 56.

Richard married in Melbourne in 1854 before moving out onto the Bendigo goldfields where his sister Edith Ellen and her family were already situated (before they moved to the Ballarat goldfields by 1856). Richard's his first child was born on the Bendigo goldfields in 1855. His younger sisters also gave birth to children on the goldfields. Edith Ellen gave birth to her third to fifth children on the Ballarat goldfields from 1856 to 1860 after her second child had died on the Bendigo goldfields in 1853. Harriet Emma gave birth to her seven child on the Maryborough goldfields from 1859 to 1870.

In 1855 Richard's first child, Harriet Emma, named after his sister, was born in Bendigo.

Still chasing gold Richard's next child, Henry Richard, was born at Beechworth in 1856. Henry Richard died in 1858.

Again still chasing gold Richard's third child, Francis Richard, named after Richard's father, was born at Picnic Point in 1858. Francis Richard was to die in 1863.

After he ceased gold-prospecting, Richard became a fisherman.

Richard named his next child born at Half Moon Bay, Sandringham, in 1862, Ernest Lansdown Todd, after his sister Sophia who had married Thomas Lansdown (1817-1885) in Sydney in 1850. This marriage was short-lived but Sophia had retained the surname of Lansdown. After the break-up of her marriage, and possibly after the death of their father in 1852, Sophia had moved to Melbourne to join Richard.

Richard moved with his family to Queenscliff in about 1863. The remainder of his children were born at Queenscliff.

Richard Todd together with other European and Chinese fishermen signed a proclamation to declare Queenscliff a borough in 1863.

In 1873 his daughter Harriet Emma had a son born at Queenscliff, William Paterson Todd, who only lived for 4 weeks.

In 1879 Richard was bitten by a venemous snake whilst rabbiting. The story was reported in the newspaper.

When Richard died in in 1886 his stated age was 65. He was, however, only about 57.

When Richard died he was placed in the same grave as his wife Harriet and his children 4 year old Francis Richard, baby Lisa, baby Mary and still-born Lawrence who had pre-deceased him.

After Richard's death his surviving sons, Ernest, Walter and Sydney, all married and had raised families of their own at Queenscliff.


Offspring of Richard Todd and Harriet Harwood (c1832-1878)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Harriet Emma Todd (1855-) 1855 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Henry Richard Todd (1856-1858) 1856 Beechworth, Victoria, Australia 1858 Victoria, Australia
Francis Richard Todd (1858-1863) 1858 Picnic Point, Victoria, Australia 1863 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia
Ernest Lansdown Todd (1862-1941) 1862 Half Moon Bay, Sandringham, Victoria, Australia 24 June 1941 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia Georgina Stewart Maule (1860-1950)
Lisa Todd (c1863-1864) 1863 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia July 1864 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia
Walter Algiers Todd (1864-1950) 1864 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia 18 June 1950 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia Annie :Louise Stephens (1872-1955)
Mary Todd (c1866-1867) 1866 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia September 1867 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia
Lawrence Todd (1867-1867) December 1867 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia December 1867 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia
Sydney Richard Todd (1868-1945) 1868 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia 1945 Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia Florence Emily Breen (1878-1951)


Offspring of Francis Todd (1791-1852) and Mary Ann Bradshaw (c1803-1839)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Jane Todd (1822-) 8 May 1822 London, Middlesex, England
Mary Ann Todd (1824-) 21 February 1824 London, Middlesex, England
Richard Todd (1829-1886) 1829 London, Middlesex, England August 1886 Geelong, Victoria, Australia Harriet Harwood (c1832-1878)
Sophia Dorothy Todd (1831-1916) 1831 London, Middlesex, England 20 September 1916 Glenmaggie, Victoria, Australia Thomas Lansdown
James Shaw (c1840-1920)
Edith Ellen Todd (1833-1875) 1833 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 1875 Victoria, Australia James Giles
Harriet Emma Todd (1835-1893) 1835 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 1893 Prahran, Victoria, Australia Manuel Fostineo (c1829-1872)
William Todd (1837-) 1837 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Frances Todd (1838-) 1838 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Footnotes (including sources)

† Baptism
  • Baptism was at Stepney, London.
₪ Wedding
  • Marriage was at Anglican Cathedral at Eastern Hill, Melbourne. Parents names and occupations were given, as well as the age of the bride (22) and groom (24) and their places of birth. The details on the marriage certificate identify Richard as the son of Francis Todd, blacksmith, and Mary Ann Bradshaw who had immigrated to Sydney in 1832/33.
¶ Death
  • Died at Geelong Hospital