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Richeza von Lothringen was born circa 1025 to Otto von Lothringen (?-1047) and Tochter von Egisheim (?-?) and died circa 1083 of unspecified causes. She married Hermann III. von Werl (bef1020-c1052) . She married Otto von Northeim (c1020-1083) . Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

Her parents are disputed. She may also be a daughter of Ekbert One-Eye.


Offspring of Richeza von Lothringen and Hermann III. von Werl (bef1020-c1052)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Oda von Werl (1050-1111) 1050 13 January 1110 Lothar Udo II. von Stade (c1025-1082)

Offspring of Richeza von Lothringen and Otto von Northeim (c1020-1083)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Heinrich von Northeim (c1055-1101) 1055 1101 Gertrud von Braunschweig (c1060-1117)
Kuno von Northeim (c1055-1103) 1055 1103 Kunigunde von Weimar (1055-1140)
Siegfried III. von Boyneburg (c1055-1107) 1055 1107 Adelheid von Holstein
Otto II. von Northeim (c1057-) 1057
Ida von Northeim (c1060-aft1100) 1060 1100 Thimo von Wettin (bef1034-c1101)
Ethelinde von Northeim (c1050-c1097) 1050 1097 Welf IV. von Bayern (c1035-1101) Welf IV. von Bayern (c1035-1101) Hermann I. von Kalvelage (c1020-1082)
Mathilde von Northeim (c1058-c1205) 1058 1205 Konrad II. von Werl-Arnsberg (c1040-1092)


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