Rodulf II de Warenne was born 1030 in Varenne, France to Ranulf I de Warenne (998-1058) and Beatrice of Rouen (1008-) and died 24 June 1074 Bellencombe, France of unspecified causes. He married Emma Torta de Pont-Audemer (1020-1059) 1052 JL .

Norman Knight

Ralph de Warenne (or Rudolf II) was a benefactor to the abbey of La Trinité du Mont about the middle of the 11th century, who, as well as Roger de Mortemer, Nicholas de Basqueville, Walter de St. Martin, and many others, were the issue of some of the numerous nieces of the Duchess Gonnor ("Nepotes plures predicta Gunnora"), who have been inaccurately set down as kinsmen instead of distant connections of her great-grandson the Conqueror.

Rudolf II de Warenne, son of Rudolf I of Warenne, was a Norman aristocrat and progenitor of the Earl of Surrey family line. He is known only from his subscriptions to two charters of his father for the Holy Trinity of Rouen. As his fathers lands near Rouen and in the Pays de Caux did not pass to his son William or William's descendants, it is likely that Rodulf succeeded to them on his father's death.


The Family of Warenne originated from near Normandy, France. The de Warenne surname derives from the castle of that name on the Varenne River, which flows through the territory William acquired in Upper Normandy.

He married Emma (a descendant of Charlemagne (747-814)) probably around 1040 A.D. - both were still living in 1074, and had several children. Rudolf's children were probably born closer to the year 1040 or earlier as William as active at the Battle of Castle Mortemer in 1052-1054.

This fact makes a strong case that Rodulf II was born closer to the year 1020, which would put him also closer to the same birth year as his wife, Emma Torta.

  1. Rudolf III de Warenne - who inherited most of the family lands in Normandy.
  2. William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey - who fought with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings and was reward with vast land holdings as the Earl of Surrey.
  3. Frederick de Warenne - who was killed by Hereward the Wake. He is listed in the Domesday book holding lands in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. (Domesday, ff.196, ii.465b, 170b, 172b). Another source lists Frederick as the brother of William's wife, Gundred [1].


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Offspring of Rodulf de Warenne and Emma Torta de Pont-Audemer (1020-1059)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ranulf III de Warenne (1053-1086) 1053 Varenne 1086 Whitchurch
William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey (1055-1088) 1040 Bellencombe, France 24 June 1088 Lewes, Sussex, England, United Kingdom Gundred (1053-1085)
Frederick de Warenne (c1057-c1104) 1057 1104

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