Roman Ingvarevich of Kolomna was born 1212 to Ingvar Igoryevich of Ryazan (c1190-1235) and died January 1238 Kolomna, Kolomna Rayon, Moscow Oblast, Russia of unspecified causes. Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899).

Roman Ingvarevich (c1212-January 1238 ) - Prince Kolomna.

In December 1237, Roman's uncle Yuri Igorevich and brother Oleg headed the defense of Ryazan , and Roman led the troops north to join the army of Vladimir. The Laurentian Chronicle reports on the joint action of the Vladimir troops, Prince Roman and Novgorod from Vladimir that followed. However, the Ipatiev Chronicle instead of Roman mentions the nameless son ofMikhail Vsevolodovich Pronsky, who brought the news of the invasion to Vladimir , after which Yuri Vsevolodovich sent his son Vsevolod with all the people. The son of Mikhail Pronsky was also killed during the invasion [1] .

He died in early January 1238 in the battle of Kolomna [2] .

Voitovich identifies him with the mentioned "The Tale of the Ruin of Ryazan by Batu" by Gleb Ingvarovich Kolomensky [1] .

The researchers of the Mongol invasion of Rus Khrapachevsky P.P. [3] and V. V. Kargalov [4] mistakenly called Roman Igorevich ( Roman Igorevich died at the prince’s congress in 1217 ).



  1. Ingvar Igoryevich of Ryazan (c1190-1235) - the prince of Ryazan (1217-1235).

Brothers :

  1. Oleg Ingvarevich Krasnyi (c1215-1258) - Grand Prince of Ryazan.
  1. Ingvar (d. 1252) - the prince of Ryazan.


  1. Yevdokiya Ingvarevna (c1216-1278) - the wife of the 1st Prince Vladimir Konstantinovich of Uglich (1214-1249)


Offspring of Ingvar Igoryevich of Ryazan (c1190-1235) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Roman Ingvarevich of Kolomna (c1212-1238) 1212 January 1238 Kolomna, Kolomna Rayon, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Oleg Ingvarevich Krasnyi (c1215-1258) 1215 8 March 1258
Yevdokiya Ingvarevna (c1216-1278)


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