Rudolf Messerly
Sex: Male
Birth: 05 APR 1844 Bern, Bern, Switzerland
Death: 18 JUN 1931 Cedar Falls,Blackhaw, , , Iowa
Father: John Messerly (1812)
Mother: Barbara Yerm
Spouse/Partner: Sophia Tiedt (1848)
Marriage: 24 MAR 1870 Maxfield Twp, Bremer, Iowa

Rudolf Messerly

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Documentation notes[]

  • Mother is barbara "Yerm" according to very detailed LDS info (days given, specific citys for the events.)
  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is and may be verified there by running searches on the given names and dates.


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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of John Messerly (1812) and Barbara Senn Messerly
Elisabeth Messerly (c1852) 1852 Switzerland
Mary Messerly Switzerland Married Henry Walters
Charles Messerly (c1839) 1839 Switzerland
Rose Messerly (c1842) 06 October 1842 Switzerland Married Henry Wisner
Rudolf Messerly (1844) [1] 05 April 1844 Switzerland 18 June 1931 Cedar Falls, Iowa
Gottliep MESSERLY (c1849) 1849 Switzerland
Margaret Messerly (c1852) 1852 Switzerland Married William Kline
Elizabeth Messerly (c1853) 06 August 1853 Switzerland 11 July 1934 Oelwein, Iowa Married Christian Grunig
Lucy Messerly (c1855) 16 September 1855 Bremer County, Iowa 18 January 1949 Cedar Falls, Iowa- unmarried
Sophia Messerly (c1857) [2] 13 August 1857 Maxfield twp, Bremer County, Iowa 07 August 1944 Cedar Falls, Iowa

Source- Rootsweb document with some dates verified by 1880 Census

Deaths and Obit[]

Wife Sophia's Gravestone

  1. ^ Married Sophia TIEDT 24 March 1870 according to rootsweb document
  2. ^ Married to Friedrich SEUFFERLEIN 29 December 1875 Black Hawk County, Iowa