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Salem often refers to:

  • Salem, Massachusetts, a city in the U.S. state of Massachusetts which was the location of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692
  • Salem, Oregon, the capital of the U.S. state of Oregon
  • Salem, Tamil Nadu, a city in India
  • Salem (surname), surname
  • Salem (given name), given name

Salem may also refer to:



  • Salem, Burma


  • Salem, Ontario


  • Salem, Baden-Württemberg
    • Salem Abbey (Reichskloster Salem), a monastery
    • Schule Schloss Salem, Germany (also referred to as Salem College, with a section called Salem International College)
  • Salem, Schleswig-Holstein


  • Salem, Tamil Nadu
  • Salem district, the district of Tamil Nadu in which the city of Salem is located


  • Salem, Brebes, a subdistrict in Brebes Regency, Central Java
  • Salem Station, a train station located in Gemolong, Sragen Regency, Central Java


  • Salem, an early name for Jerusalem found for example in Genesis 14:18 name for Jerusalem
  • Salem, Israel, a small village north of Jerusalem

Palestinian National Authority[]

  • Salem, alternate official spelling of Salim, Nablus


  • Salem, Valencia


  • Salem, Sweden
  • Salem Municipality

United Kingdom[]

  • Salem, Greater Manchester, within Oldham, England
  • Salem, village near Llandeilo, Wales
  • Salem, above Penrhyn-coch, Wales
  • Salem, Montserrat

United States[]

  • Salem, Alabama
  • Salem, Arkansas
    • Salem, Fulton County, Arkansas
    • Salem, Saline County, Arkansas
  • Salem, Connecticut
  • Salem, Florida
  • Salem, Georgia
  • Salem, Idaho
  • Salem, Illinois
  • Salem, Indiana
    • Salem, Indiana in Washington County
    • Salem, Adams County, Indiana
    • Salem, Jay County, Indiana
  • Salem, Iowa
  • Salem, Kentucky
  • Salem, Maryland
  • Salem, Massachusetts
    • Salem Maritime National Historic Site
    • Salem witch trials
    • Salem Harbor
    • Salem Sound, a body of water
    • Salem Channel, a part of the Salem Sound
  • Salem Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan
  • Salem, Missouri
  • Salem, Nebraska
  • Salem, New Hampshire
  • Salem, New Jersey
    • Salem Nuclear Power Plant
    • Salem River, a tributary of the Delaware River
  • Salem, New Mexico
  • Salem, New York
  • Salem, North Carolina
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    • Old Salem, a history museum in Winston-Salem
  • Salem, Ohio
  • Salem, Oklahoma
  • Salem, Oregon, the state capital
    • Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area
    • Salem (Amtrak station), a railroad station
  • Salem, Pennsylvania
  • Salem, South Carolina
  • Salem, South Dakota
  • Salem, Texas, in Newton County
  • New Salem, Texas
  • Salem, Utah
  • Salem, Virginia, an independent city adjacent to Roanoke
  • Salem, Virginia Beach, Virginia, a neighborhood
  • Salem, West Virginia
  • Salem, Wisconsin, several places in Wisconsin

Educational institutions[]

  • Salem Castle School, Germany (sometimes also referred to as Salem College and with a section called Salem International College)
  • Salem Academy, North Carolina
  • Salem College, North Carolina
  • Salem State College, Massachusetts
  • Salem International University, West Virginia
  • Salem High School, several in the United States

Religious institutions[]

  • Salem Methodist Church Complex (Ohio)

Mathematics and science[]

  • Salem number
  • Salem Prize, in mathematics

Art, literature and press[]

  • Salem's Lot, a horror novel by Stephen King
  • Salem Monthly, an alternative newspaper in Salem, Oregon
  • Salem (Vosper painting), a painting by Sydney Curnow Vosper



  • Salem (Israel band), an Israeli extreme metal band
  • Salem (UK band), a 1980s heavy rock band from Hull, UK
  • Salem (Florida band), an indie rock band from the United States
  • Salem (Michigan band), a US-American electronic music band
  • Salem Highballers, the recording name given to the McCray Family


  • Salem (Days of our Lives), the fictional setting of the U.S. soap opera Days of our Lives
  • Salem Saberhagen, a cat in the comic book and television series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Sports teams[]

  • Salem Red Sox, a minor league baseball team in Salem, Virginia
  • Salem Stampede, a Salem, Oregon team in the International Basketball League
  • Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, a minor league baseball team in Keizer, Oregon


  • Salem Communications, a Christian company with divisions in radio, print, and web
  • Salem (cigarette)

Other uses[]

  • USS Salem, the name of three ships of the United States Navy
  • Salem (supertanker), involved in maritime insurance fraud
  • Salem-Shotwell Covered Bridge, a covered bridge in Alabama, United States
  • Salem Airport (disambiguation), list of airports associated with the name Salem
  • a rosemary cultivar

See also[]

  • New Salem (disambiguation)
  • Salem Township (disambiguation)
  • West Salem (disambiguation)

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