Samuel is the son of Fabian Crampe (1580-?) and Unknown (?-?).



Civil War (1642-1651)[]

In 1648 he moved to St Mary in the Castle, Hastings.

...Even the strife of the Civil War does not seem to have disturbed the village or occasioned many changes, possibly because William Pelham was then Rector, though the Churchwardens were found wanting in 1648 for having failed to keep any records.'
'Anno Domine 1648 - Samuel Crampe and Henry Russell, Churchwardens for ye yeare 1648. Of whom I could get noe particular register for their yeare, only Samuel, who took upon himself ye keeping of ye accompt for ye yeare informed me yt yr was neither any married nor any baptised throughout yt yeare only some few buried, but ye particulars thereof he could not call to mind...

Great Fire of London 1666[]

1678: The names and sirnames of the Inhabitants of Crowhurst in the County of Sussex, with the several sums of money given by them; Towards the re-building of the Cathedral Church of St.Paul's in London is as followeth:

  • Given by Mrs Joanna Busbridge, Ten shillings
  • Mr Anthony May, Five shillings
  • Mrs Mary Alchorne, Five shillings
  • Mr George Barker, Two shillings and sixpence
  • Samuel Crampe, One shilling
  • William Wimble, One shilling
  • Robert Goland, Sixpence
  • John Farmerer, Sixpence
  • William Taylor, Sixpence
  • Abraham Fuller, Sixpence
  • Thomas Perkins, servant, One shilling
  • Robert Saunders, servant, Sixpence
  • Richard Scrivens, servant, Sixpence
  • Thomas Collins, servant, Twopence

Collected from House to house by us. M. Wing, Rector; John Beels, Robert Borman, Churchwardens
Taken from Crowhurst Church Notes, Sussex

Samuel was buried on 11 Apr 1683 at Crowhurst.






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