Col. Samuel Howe was born 20 October 1642 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to John Howe (1620-1680) and Mary Martha Jones (1618-1698) and died 13 April 1713 Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Martha Bent (1642-1680) 4 June 1663 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Leavitt (1658-1726) 18 September 1685 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.


Gravestone of Col. Samuel Howe - Sudbury MA.

Col. Samuel Howe, second son of John and Mary (Jones ) Howe, was a prominent man in both civil and military affairs. He was a carpenter and resided in the hamlet of Lenham, in Sudbury.

Framingham Settlement

He was admitted a freeman in Sudbury in 1671, and resided there until 1682 when he moved to Framingham.

With a deed dated 19 May 1682, he and Samuel Gookin bought of the Natick Indians, a large tract of about 1700 acres of Framingham lands, which is referred to in local histories as the Gookin and Howe purchase. In 1673 he built a new bridge in the northeast corner of Framingham.

He was very prominent in the early history of the town as it appears in the local histories, and is spoken of as 'a man of energy and public spirit.'

King Philip's War

He held many town offices, and was colonel of a regiment made up of companies from the towns in the vicinity. "He served in King Philip's War, in Capt. Nathan Davenport's company, and was an officer in the militia, and his name appears in the lists of those who suffered in the Indian war." [Howe Genealogies - Daniel Waite Howe, NEHGS, pp. 7-8]

King Philip's War (1675-78) (sometimes called the First Indian War, Metacom's War, Metacomet's War, or Metacom's Rebellion) was an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants of present-day New England and English colonists and their Native American allies in 1675–78. The war is named for the main leader of the Native American side, Metacomet, who had adopted the English name "King Philip" in honor of the previously-friendly relations between his father and the original Mayflower Pilgrims. The war continued in the most northern reaches of New England until the signing of the Treaty of Casco Bay in April 1678.


He gave to his son David, land in Sudbury on which was built the Red Horse Tavern, later known Howe's Tavern and as the Wayside Inn which remained in his family for four generations.

Marriage & Family

1st Marriage: Martha Bent

He married 1st in Sudbury MA on June 5, 1663, Martha Bent (1642-1680). She died August 29, 1680 and from this marriage were 7 children, all listed in the vital records of Sudbury:

  1. John Howe (1664-1740) - md. Elizabeth Woolson
  2. Mary Howe (1665-1711) - md. Thomas Barnes
  3. Lydia Howe (1666-1742) - md. Thomas Barnes
  4. Samuel Howe (1668-1731) - md. Abigail Mixer & Sarah Leavitt
  5. Martha Howe (1669-) -
  6. Daniel Howe (1672-1680) - md. Elizabeth Johnson
  7. David Howe (1674-1759) - md Hephzibah Dearth
  8. Hannah Howe (1677-1742) - md. John Barnes

2nd Marriage: Sarah Leavitt

He married 2nd Sarah Leavitt (1658-1726), widow of Nehemiah Clapp. She was born February 25, 1659 and from this marriage were 6 children, and not all are record in the vital records of Sudbury:

  1. Elisha Howe (1687-1753) - md. Hannah Shavally
  2. Daniel Howe (1689-1756)
  3. Nehemiah Howe (1693-1747)
  4. Moses Howe (1695-1750) - Md. Hannah Heald
  5. Ebenezer Howe (1697-)
  6. Micahjah Howe (1700-1740)


Offspring of Col. Samuel Howe and Martha Bent (1642-1680)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John Howe (1664-1740)
Mary Howe (1665-1711)
Lydia Howe (1666-1742)
Samuel Howe (1668-1731) 19 May 1668 Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 13 April 1731 Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Abigail Mixer (1672-1703) Abigail Mixer (1672-1703) Martha Goodale (1674-1754)
Martha Howe (1669-)
Daniel Howe (1672-1680)
David Howe (1674-1759) 2 November 1674 Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 3 August 1759 Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Hepzibah Dearth (1680-1769)
Hannah Howe (1677-1742) 6 April 1677 Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States 8 November 1742 Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States John Barnes (1666-1752)

Offspring of Col. Samuel Howe and Sarah Leavitt (1658-1726)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elisha Howe (1687-1753)
Daniel Howe (1689-1756)
Nehemiah Howe (1693-1747)
Moses Howe (1695-1750)
Ebenezer Howe (1697-)
Micahjah Howe (1700-1740)


#g1: Offspring of John Howe (1620-1680) and Mary Martha Jones (1618-1698)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John Howe (1640-1676) 24 August 1640, Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 20 April 1676, Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Elizabeth Ward (1643-1710)
Samuel Howe (1642-1713) 20 October 1642, Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 13 April 1713, Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Martha Bent (1642-1680) + Sarah Leavitt (1658-1726)
Sarah Howe (1644-1707) 25 September 1644, Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 11 August 1707, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Samuel Ward (1641-1729)
Mary Howe (1645-1646) , ,
Isaac Howe (1648-1724) 8 August 1648, Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 9 December 1724, Massachusetts Frances Woods (1645-1718)
Josiah Howe (1653-1710) 15 January 1653, Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts June 1710, Mary Hanes (1647-1718)
Mary Howe (1654-1684) 18 June 1654, Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 5 June 1684, Stow, Middlesex County, Massachusetts John Wetherby (1650-1711)
Thomas Howe (1656-1733) 22 July 1656, Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 16 February 1733, Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Sarah Shepard (1659-1683) + Sarah Hosmer (1658-1724)
Daniel Howe (1658-1660) , ,
Alexander Howe (1660-1661) , ,
Daniel Howe (1663-) , ,
Eleazer Howe (1662-1736) 18 January 1662, Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 17 March 1736, Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Hannah Howe (1663-1735)



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