Sancho III of Navarre was born on an unknown date to Garcia II of Pamplona (?-c1002) and Jimena of Cea (?-?) and died 18 October 1035 of unspecified causes. He married Muniadona Mayor de Castilla (995-1032) . Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

Sancho the Great was the first King of Navarra, forged from the Kingdom of Pamplona and the County of Aragon. He was also King of Viguera and Count of Sobrarbe and Ribargorza, and claimed overlordship over Gascony and Castile. In 1034, he became Emperor of Spain. He divided his properties among four of his five sons.


Offspring of Sancho III of Navarre and Muniadona Mayor de Castilla (995-1032)
Name Birth Death Joined with
García III of Navarre (1016-1054) 1016 1 September 1054 Étiennette de Foix (?-1066)
Ferdinand of León and Castile (1016-1065) 1016 24 December 1065 León, Spain Sancha de León (c1020-1067)
Gonzalo of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza (c1020-1043) 1020 26 June 1043
Bernardo of Navarre (c1018-aft1024) 1018 1024
Ramiro of Navarre (c1018-aft1020) 1018 1020
Jimena of Navarre (c1020-c1067) 1020 1067 Bermudo III de León (c1015-1037)
Mayor of Navarre (c1015-1044) 1015 1044 Pons-Guillaume de Toulouse (c1000-1060)

Offspring of Sancho III of Navarre and Sancha de Aybar (?-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ramiro I of Aragon (bef1007-1063) 1007 8 May 1063 Amuña Gilberte de Foix (1015-1049) Amuña Gilberte de Foix (1015-1049) Agnes of Aquitaine




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