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none Town hall of Sečovce
Town hall of Sečovce
Secovce arms.jpg

Country  Slovakia
Region Košice
District Trebišov
Elevation 149 m (489 ft)
Coordinates 48°42′09″N 21°39′24″E / 48.7025, 21.65667
Area 32.658 km² (12.609 sq mi)
Population 7,945 (31 December 2005)
Density 243 / km² (629 / sq mi)
First mentioned 1255
Mayor Jozef Gamrát
Timezone CET (UTC+1)
 - summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 078 01
Phone prefix 421-56
Car plate TV
Location in Slovakia
Location in Slovakia
Locator Red.svg
Location in Slovakia

Location in the Košice Region
Location in the Košice Region
Locator Red.svg
Location in the Košice Region

Statistics: MOŠ/MIS

Sečovce (Hungarian: Gálszécs) is a town in the Trebišov District in the Košice Region of south-eastern Slovakia.


Roman Catholic church of Assumption

The town was first mentioned in year 1255 in the list of king Béla IV of Hungary. In 1494 was built Roman Catholic church in Gothic architecture style. Since 15th century started gradual development of trade. There were renowned markets and a lots of shoemakers, saddlers, potters and furriers. Later were built post office (1783), telegraph office (1868), telephone office (1890), railway with train station (1904) and museum (1954), which was moved to Trebišov in 1981.


The town lies at an altitude of 149 metres and covers an area of 32.658 km². It has a population of about 7,888 people.


According to the 2001 census, the town had 7,819 inhabitants. 95.89% of inhabitants were Slovaks, 2.17% Roma, 0.47% Czechs and 0.22% Hungarians.[1] The religious makeup was 47.05% Roman Catholics, 25.71% Greek Catholics, 18.11% people with no religious affiliation and 1.83% Lutherans.[1]

Economy and facilities[]

Health centre with Station emergency medical services

The town has a pharmacy, and outpatient health facilities of a general practitioner and children and adolescents. The town has a public library, a cultural house and a movie theater. The town also has a post office, a petrol station, a garage, and a number of general and food stores. It also has a Slovakian commercial bank and insurance company.

In Sečovce are a few factories - Palma Agro (produce vegetable oils), Silometal (produce metal silos and containers), Sonap (produce clothing), Valter (produce socks), Lesy SR (wood processing), Simkovic-Protektor s.r.o./SPR Retreading Solutions (truck and EM tyre retreads producer)


The town has a football pitch, a gym, fitness and a sport hall.

Famous people[]

  • Štefan Sečovský (16th century), evangelical preacher, writer, composer, pedagogue
  • Štefan Gáboréczy (16th century), evangelical writer
  • Andrej Fáy (1786 – 1864), lawyer, businessman, politician, writer, playwright
  • Emery Roth (1871 – 1948), architect
  • Herman Jarkovský (1898 – ?), photographer, businessman, musician (violin and cello), music teacher
  • Július Muľarský (1910), politician (KSČ), warrior against fascism
  • Ján Murín (1913 – 1990), theologian, religious activist, warrior against communism, victim of communism
  • Ján Bavorský (1918), lawyer, university professor
  • Štefan Korčmároš (1919 – 1985), historian, chronicler, writer, pedagogue, cultural activist
  • Vojtech Jenčík (1920 – 1976), theologian, priest, poet, warrior against communism, victim of communism
  • Jozef Švagrovský (1921 – 1985), paleontologist, university professor
  • Andrej Mikloš (1924 – 2002), economist, cultural activist
  • Gejza Šimanský (1924 – 2007), football player
  • Mikuláš Kasarda (1925), poet, pedagogue
  • Dionýz Čollak (1926 – 2004), veterinary surgeon, university professor
  • Ingrid Lukáčová (1969), poet
  • Michal Besterci (1937), metallurgy engineer, university professor
  • Ingrid Timková (1967), actress and director


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