Sharu Khan was born 1045 and died 1110 of unspecified causes.

Sharu khan ( Sharu (k) -han or Haru (k) -han ) - Polovtsian Khan , grandfather of Konchak Khan .

He defeated the combined forces of the Russian princes, led by the Grand Duke of Kiev Izyaslav Yaroslavich in the Battle of the Alta River in the autumn of 1068. In 1068 the Novgorod First Chronicle mentions that Sharu Khan was taken prisoner by Svyatoslav Yaroslavich is mentioned, but the name of the Khan was not named in the Tale of Bygone Years according to the Laurentian list.

In May 1107, together with Khan Bonyak (c1076-c1167), made a raid on Rus' near the city of Pereyaslavl. He got to the city of Lubny, located on the Sule River. In August 1107 Svyatopolk Izyaslavich of Kiev gathered the princes and set off in response to the Polovtsians, unexpectedly attacked the camp of the Khans and defeated the Polovtsian army. The chronicler noted that there was then a "great victory." Sharu khan barely escaped. He had two sons - Syrchan Khan and |Atrak .


Offspring of Sharu Khan and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Atrak Khan (c1075-1125) 1075 1125
Syrchan Khan



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