Shaukat Ali Abdul Ghafoor[]

Shaukat Ali Abdul Ghafoor (Arabic:سوكت على ) is a business tycoon well-known in Libya and currently the General Manager of CKG Libya branch. CKG (Citramegah Karya Gemilang), one of the most prominent businesses in the world of Engineering, Procurement & Construction.

Leading Entrepreneur[]

As one of the leading entrepreneurs in Libya, he championed the cause of small to large-sized enterprises. His innovative, entrepreneurial style of management has benefited all his serviced multi-national companies and mainly CKG (one of Indonesia’s leading EPC company), a company that faces significant challenges. He was appointed General Manager of CKG Libya branch which was legally established in Tripoli, Libya on early 2002. CKG’s Board of Directors entrusted the company’s operation to Shaukat Ali, being the architect of the company’s founding in Libya. He knew that business was also a gamble of making tough choices and taking risks. In the end, he managed to keep the company running and sorted out potential projects in Libya. Nothing stopped him towards his great vision of lifting the company to the skies, and so that is where he had brought CKG. At this time, CKG is executing various construction projects worth billions in US$ for its Libya operations.

Awards and Recognitions[]

For his contributions and achievements for Libya, he was awarded the highest recognition to be given to a foreign national, “Noot Alfatah Medal, for his outstanding services for the country and the Great Alfatah Revolution. Not to mention the various citations awarded by the Jamahiriya,

President of Pakistan also declared on August 14, 2010 to award Tamgha i Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence) to Mr. Shaukat ali Abdul Ghafoor, for his services to the country and to people of Pakistan. Shaukat Ali is worthy of every citation, for a man who deserves more than social admiration.

Social Responsibility[]

With the philanthropic nature within Shaukat Ali, while is then a business consultant for CKG he coordinated with CKG’s Board of Directors in setting up a charity foundation as he believes in the corporate social responsibility. Consequently, Farrah Charity Foundation was born in 1994, to underwrite humanitarian and economic development projects principally, but not exclusively, in underdeveloped regions. Since then, the charity foundation had continuously provided maximum possible support to the poor, needy and helpless individuals and groups of the society in struggle against poverty, illiteracy, disease and ignorance.

Shaukat Ali Abdul Ghafoor, despite his numerous accomplishments, has remained simple and natural. A true family man and strong-minded businessman, he is devoted to his family and work.


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