Siege of Serensk
Part of The main conflict: the struggle of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich and Mikhail Vsevolodovich for the reign of Novgorod
Date Fall of 1231
Location Serensk, Meshchovsk Rayon, Kaluga Oblast, Russia
56°18′18″N 45°34′10″E / 56.305, 45.56944
Result Redirecting Mikhail Vsevolodovich to fight for Kiev and Halych
Northerwestern Rus' principalities
Republic of Novgorod
Principality of Chernigov
Northern Rus' principalities
Commanders and leaders
Yuri Vsevolodovich
Yaroslav Vsevolodovich
Vasilko Konstantinovich of Rostov (1209-1238)
Vsevolod Konstantinovich of Yaroslavl (1210-1238)
Vladimir Konstantinovich of Uglich (1214-1249)
Mikhail Vsevolodovich

The siege of Serensk is a joint military action of Yuri Vsevolodovich with his brother Yaroslav Vsevolodovich and their nephews Vasilko Konstantinovich of Rostov (1209-1238), Vsevolod Konstantinovich of Yaroslavl (1210-1238) and Vladimir Konstantinovich against Mikhail Vsevolodovich.


Yuri Vsevolodovich was married to the sister of Mikhail Vsevolodovich's sister, Vasilko Konstantinovich of Rostov - to his daughter. In 1229, Mikhail Vsevolodovich began to fight for the reign of the Novgorod Republic against Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, and Yaroslav and Vasilko suspected Yuri Vsevolodovich in alliance with Mikhail Vsevolodovich, but the misunderstanding was settled at the Council of Suzdal.

In 1230, Yaroslav established himself at the Novgorod Republic.

In the autumn of 1231, the Vladimir and Novgorodians conducted a joint campaign under the Chernigov-Serensk and Mosalsk. The chronicle marks one dead from the Novgorod side. Although the campaign was completed without peace, Mikhail Vsevolodovich abandoned claims to Novgorod. Only in 1232 Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich Trubchevsky came to the north, but he saw that the party of Chernigov supporters was not strong enough, and returned emptyhanded.