Smolensk Oblast
Смоленская область
—  Oblast  —
Building of Smolensk Oblast Government


Coat of arms of Smolensk Oblast
Smolensk Oblast in Russia
Coordinates: 55°00′N 33°00′E / 55, 33Coordinates: 55°00′N 33°00′E / 55, 33
Country Russia
Federal subject of Russia Smolensk Oblast
Federal district Central
Economic Region Central
Administrative center Smolensk
Basic law Charter of Smolensk Oblast
Established September 27, 1937
 • Type Legislature
 • Body Oblast Duma
 • Governor Sergei Vladimirovich Antufyev
 • Oblast 49,800 km2 (19,200 sq mi)
Area rank 53nd
Population (2010)
 • Oblast 985,481
 • Rank 53th
 • Urban 72.7%
 • Rural 27.3%
Time zone MST
ISO 3166 code RU-SMO
Vehicle registration 67

Smolensk Oblast (Russian: Смол́енская о́бласть, Smolenskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). Its area is 49,800 square kilometers (19,200 sq mi).[1] Population: 985,481 (2010 Census);[2] 1,049,574 (2002 Census);[3] 1,158,299 (1989 Census).[4]


In the 16th and 17th centuries, Smolensk was one of the most important economic and military centers of the Grand Princedom of Moscow. It was also a major commercial center, and home industry production reached high levels. Construction of the Smolensk fortress wall was an important event in the history of Russia. Smolensk Oblast was formed in September 1937 from the central and western districts of Western Oblast as the result of a reorganization of the latter oblast. The new oblast exceeded present-day Smolensk Oblast in both population and area.


The administrative center of Smolensk Oblast is the city of Smolensk. Other ancient towns include Vyazma and Dorogobuzh.

The oblast was founded on September 27, 1937.[1] It borders Pskov Oblast in the north, Tver Oblast in the northeast, Moscow Oblast in the east, Kaluga and Bryansk Oblasts in the south, and Mogilev and Oblasts of Belarus, in the west and northwest.


Smolensk Oblast has a temperate continental climate with warm summers and moderately cold winters. The climate is influenced by moist Atlantic air, but inflows of Arctic air masses are possible at any time of year. Winds are mainly from the west, southwest, and south; and the relative humidity is 81%. The average January temperature is −9.4 °C (15 °F), and the average July temperature is 17.1 °C (62.8 °F); average annual precipitation is 600 millimeters (24 in).

Administrative divisions[]

Administrative divisions of Smolensk Oblast

Smolensk Oblast is divided into 25 rayons (districts]] and 2 cities, which are further divided into 15 towns, 12 urban-type settlements, and 302 rural okrugs.

Urban Okrugs (Circles)

Coat of Arms Name of
Urban okrug
I Coat of arms of Smolenskaya Oblast.png Smolensk 288.5 326 863 1
II - Desnogorsk 43.0 31 063 2

Map Russia Smolensk Region.png

Coat of Arms of Velizh.png
Coat of Arms of Gzhatsk (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png
Coat of Glinka.jpg
Coat of arms of Demidov rayon.gif
Coat of Arms of Dukhovshchina (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png
Coat of Arms of Yelnya.gif
Coat of Arms of Krasny (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png
Coat of arms of Novodugino (Smolensk oblast).jpg
Coat of Arms of Roslavl (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Roslavl
Coat of Arms of Rudnya rayon (Smolensk oblast).png
Coat of arms of Safonovo Rayon.gif Safonovo
Coat of Arms of Sychyovka (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Sychyovka
Coat of Arms of Ugra.jpg
Coat of arms holm-jirkovsky district.gif
Coat of Arms of Yartsevo (Smolensk oblast).png

Rayons (Districts):

Coat of Arms Name of rayon Area
'000 (2010)
'000 (2010)
1 Coat of Arms of Velizh.png Velizh Rayon 1473.0 19 12,217 15 Velizh 7,326
2 Coat of Arms of Vyazma (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Vyazma Rayon 3352.7 1 78,057 1 Vyazma 54,645
3 Coat of Arms of Gzhatsk (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Gagarin Rayon 2904.0 3 40,631 6 Gagarin 25,774
4 Coat of Glinka.jpg Glinka Rayon 1223.2 22 4,974 25 Glinka 2,000
5 Coat of arms of Demidov rayon.gif Demidov Rayon 2512.2 7 14,932 11 Demidov 7,782
6 Coat of Arms of Dorogobuzh (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Dorogobuzh Rayon 1772.0 15 29,082 8 Dorogobuzh 11,089
7 Coat of Arms of Dukhovshchina (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Dukhovshchina Rayon 2610.0 6 16,495 10 Dukhovshchina 4,103
8 Coat of Arms of Yelnya.gif Yelnya Rayon 1808.2 13 14,769 12 Yelnya 9,910
9 - Yershichi 1039.0 25 7,657 23 Yershichi 3,444
10 - Kardymovo Rayon 1095.3 24 11,310 17 Kardymovo 5,145
11 Coat of Arms of Krasny (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Krasnyi Rayon 1507.7 18 13,700 13 Krasnyi 4,515
12 Gerb-Monastirshina.gif Monastzrshchina Rayon 1513.8 17 11,043 18 Monastyrshchina 3,921
13 Coat of arms of Novodugino (Smolensk oblast).jpg Novodugino Rayon 1935.0 12 10,411 20 Novodugino 3,865
14 - Pochinok Rayon 2380.8 8 33,751 7 Pochinok 8,975
15 Coat of Arms of Roslavl (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Roslavl Rayon 3000.0 2 74,476 2 Roslavl 53,678
16 Coat of Arms of Rudnya rayon (Smolensk oblast).png Rudnya Rayon 2111.0 10 24,551 9 Rudnya 10,029
17 Coat of arms of Safonovo Rayon.gif Safonovo Rayon 2258.0 9 58,871 3 Safonovo 43,486
18 Coat of Arms of Smolensk (Smolensk oblast) (2001).png Smolensk Rayon 2895.0 5 45,081 5 Smolensk -
19 Coat of Arms of Sychyovka (Smolensk oblast) (1780).png Sychyovka Rayon 1791.1 14 13,405 14 Sychyovka 7,512
20 Tyomkino Rayon 1324.2 21 6,258 24 Tyomkino 2,692
21 Coat of Arms of Ugra.jpg Ugra Rayon 2900.0 4 9.599 22 Ugra 4,510
22 - Khislavichi Rayon 1161.0 23 9,913 21 Khislavichi 4,325
23 Coat of arms holm-jirkovsky district.gif Kholm-Zhirkovsky Rayon 2033.4 11 10,943 19 Kholm-Zhirkovsky 3,470
24 - Shumyachi Rayon 1367.7 20 11,413 16 Shumyachi 4,387
25 Coat of Arms of Yartsevo (Smolensk oblast).png Yartsevo Rayon 1618.9 16 55,903 4 Yartsevo 48,829


According to the (2002 Census), the national composition of the oblast was as follows:

and many other groups, none more than 0.2% of the population. (1.1% of the population did not state their nationality in the census.)


Smolensk Oblast is part of Russia's Central economic district. Industry in this district includes sectors such as engineering and metalworking (production of measuring and hydrometeorological devices, computer equipment, electrical appliances, refrigerators, automobiles, power-generating and store equipment, and aircraft manufacture), the chemical industry (production of ammonia, saltpeter, fertilizers, and plastics), light industry (production of clothing, and cotton and linen fabrics), the food industry, and brown coal and peat production.

Nearly 40% of the industrial production potential is concentrated in the city of Smolensk. Diamond cutting companies have the largest share of GDP. The largest of these companies is the Kristall State Unitary enterprise (GUP Kristall) in Smolensk. Smolensk is also a major center of the engineering and metalworking industries, with the instrument-making, electronics, electrical, and auto industries having the largest share of GDP among engineering companies.

Notable people[]

  • Isaac Asimov, born in Petrovichi
  • Yuri Gagarin, born in Klushino
  • Shmuel Schneersohn, born in Lyubavichi

See also[]

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  • 2010 Polish presidential airplane rash


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