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South Bohemian Region (Jihočeský kraj)
none Classic village house from South Bohemia
Classic village house from South Bohemia
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Country Czech Republic
Districts České Budějovice District, Český Krumlov District, Jindřichův Hradec District, Písek District, Prachatice District, Strakonice District, Tábor District
Capital České Budějovice
Highest point Plechý
 - elevation 1,378 m (4,521 ft)
Area 10,056 km² (3,883 sq mi)
Population 643,160 (03/2011)
Density 64 / km² (166 / sq mi)
Hejtman Jiří Zimola (ČSSD)
ISO 3166-2 CZ-JC
Licence plate C
Jihocesky kraj.svg


Districts of South Bohemia

South Bohemian Region (Czech: Jihočeský kraj) is an administrative unit (kraj) of the Czech Republic, located mostly in the southern part of its historical land of Bohemia, with a small part in southwestern Moravia. The western part of the South Bohemian Region is former Prachens (Prácheňsko), a huge archaic region with distinctive features with its capital, Písek.

The region borders (from the west clockwise) the regions Plzeň, Central Bohemia, Vysocina and South Moravia. To the south it borders Austria and Germany. Until 30 May 2001, the region was named as Budějovický kraj or Českobudějovický kraj, after its capital, České Budějovice.

Population and area[]

The total area of the region is 10 056 km² which is 12,8 % of the total area of the Czech Republic. South Bohemia's population is 630 063 and with only 62 people per 1 km² the region has the lowest population density in the whole country.

Largest cities[]

City Population
(31 December 2007)
České Budějovice 95 071
Tábor 35 769
Písek 29 898
Strakonice 23 280
Jindřichův Hradec 22 300
Český Krumlov 13 752
Prachatice 11 712
Milevsko 9 158
Třeboň 8 840
Týn nad Vltavou 8 483
Vimperk 7 873
Dačice 7 848
Kaplice 7 310
Soběslav 7 304
Sezimovo Ústí 7 302
Vodňany 7 028
Blatná 6 693
Veselí nad Lužnicí 6 598
Bechyně 5 557
Protivín 5 065

The region is further split into districts:

District Population Area Pop. Dens. No.of Settlements
České Budějovice (CB) 184.531 1.638,30 113 109
Český Krumlov (CK) 61.346 1.615,03 38 45
Jindřichův Hradec (JH) 92.719 1.943,69 48 106
Písek (PI) 70.290 1.126,84 62 75
Prachatice (PT) 51.461 1.375,03 37 65
Strakonice (ST) 70.823 1.032,10 69 112
Tábor (TA) 102.580 1.326,01 77 110


The highest elevation in the region is the 1,378-metre (4,521 ft) high Plechý in the Bohemian Forest, the lowest elevation with 350 metres above sea level is at the Orlík Dam.

South Bohemia is famous for its countless ponds. With its 489 ha Rožmberk is the largest one.

A big part of the Šumava National Park is situated in South Bohemia. The Bohemian Forest is a popular holiday destination because it is excellent hiking country. Most interesting natural and cultural sights are connected with more than 500 km of summer marked trails and many bike trails.


  • Vltava
  • Lužnice
  • Otava
  • Malše
  • Nežárka
  • Lomnice


The region is famous for its small villages with a pond in the middle. These are generally built in the style of the Rustic Baroque, also known as South Bohemian Baroque:

"Rustic Baroque is a term for the unique architecture of South Bohemia. The local folk bricklayer masters Martin Paták and František Šoch created a new type of South Bohemian farmhouse with an ornate frontispiece in the middle of the 19th century. A typical building of this style is a massive rustic farmhouse with two richly decorated frontispieces, which are joined by an arched gate with small doors. The marshland frontispieces are beautifully decorated, they have lavish contours, the surface is usually divided by allusive decorative columns, completed by arches, stylised hearts, four-leafed clovers, meadow flowers." (Rustic Barocco)

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