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Welcome to one of our to-do-list pages!

One of the best things any new contributor can do is to create a brief article about herself or himself (not specifying full birth date), using Form:Person, then use its links to create articles about parents, grandparents, and so on, with full identifying details only for ancestors who have passed on.

Experienced editors will be happy to help, but we think our "Help" pages are fairly self-explanatory after a dozen years' work. So please read or re-read Help:Articles/start then Help:Articles before creating many articles. Shortcuts to those two pages can be found on most pages in the top menus under "Create or edit article".

If you think our help pages could be improved, please make suggestions at Forum:Help improve the help pages!

When you run out of relatives to write about, you will be most welcome to look at Category:Wikia maintenance to find more ways of improving the wiki so that more and more people will be attracted to it and your chances of contact with people who know more about your own relatives will improve.

Please take very little notice of the illustrated suggestions at the top if this page: they were created by a robot and do not generally include pages that actually need improvement!

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