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A list of all pages that have property "Wedding1 notes" with value "BDM Index ref for marriage: 4872/1877". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Alexander Nesbitt (1821-1880)  + (BDM Index ref for marriage: V1845321 30B/1845)
  • Martha Baker (1829-1894)  + (BDM Index ref for marriage: V1845321 30B/1845)
  • Rufus Augustus Richmond Lee (1892-1956)  + (BDM says "registered [[Burwood, New South Wales|Burwood]]". FamilySearch says "Hamilton Homestead Near [[Wilcannia, New South Wales|Wilcannia]]")
  • Ilma Mary Wenban (1892-1976)  + (BDM says "registered [[Burwood, New South Wales|Burwood]]". FamilySearch says "Hamilton Homestead Near [[Wilcannia, New South Wales|Wilcannia]]")
  • Eliza Housden (1840)  + (BMD Index, Stepney Sep Qtr 1865 Ref. 1c 1029.)
  • Annie Magner (c1844-1917)  + (BY special license, at Armidale, on the 9tBY special license, at Armidale, on the 9th instant by the Very Rev. J. T. Lynch, V.F., David second son of James Starr, Esq., Sion House, Armidale, to ANNIE, third daughter of the late Michael Magner, ship owner, Sydney.</br>::[ ''The Armidale Express And New England General Advertiser'', 13 March 1869, page 3]neral Advertiser'', 13 March 1869, page 3])
  • James Gibson (c1800-1878)  + (Bachelor; Janet was "Spinster". Gave his rBachelor; Janet was "Spinster". Gave his residence as "Lanark". Janet's was "St. John's". Ages and occupations "Not given", as with all others on the page; religious denominations also not given. No columns for parents. Witnesses' names, partly illegible, were "J......n, William" and "Hood, James". Writer was clearly uninterested in the stern message printed at the bottom of the form: "Names of persons as written in many Returns are very difficult to decipher. Legible writing is therefore absolutely necessary. Attention to this note is most important, otherwise serious errors must occur in the registers."rious errors must occur in the registers.")
  • Kevin Borland (1975)  + (Ban Dongphayom or Ban Dong Phayom is in the [[Nakhon Pa Mak]] subdistrict (or Tambon).)
  • Elizabeth Grono (c1791-1871)  + (Banns)
  • Catherine May Kirsop (1893-1967)  + (Baptist Manse, Herries Street, Toowoomba. Children: PhyllisIsabellMorley b. 12 December 1917, Toowoomba; d. 21 July 1976, Miles Qld. VivienneMAY Morley b. 17 June 1919, Qld; d. 17 June 1919, Qld. ElvaMAY Morley b. 10 May 1923, Toowoomba Qld.)
  • Barbara Adriana Barrionuevo (1976)  + (Barbara Adriana Barrionuevo got married to Manuel Jesus Franqui Key West Florida on December 4,2003.)
  • Henry Evans (c1620-1677)  + (Bartlett says only "The name of his wife was Amy")
  • Arthur George Rogers (1885-1945)  + (Believed to have been in Melbourne.)
  • Eliza Pimm (1824-1857)  + (Believed to have remained common law spouses only.)
  • Robert Wildish (1868-1944)  + (Best man was [[William Leslie Wildish (1883-1963)]].)
  • Hugh de Mortimer (-1181)  + (Between 1148 and 1153)
  • William Linton Clarke (1950)  + (Bill and Sue divorced in 2007.)
  • Annie Elizabeth Morgan (1841-aft1900)  + (Birmingham was then in [[Warwickshire]].)
  • George Dowling Croudis (1901-1972)  + (Births less than 100 yr ago can't be searched unless stillbirth. There are over 20 Croudis deaths after 1926.)
  • Winifred Rawlings (1689-1716)  + (Bondsman was Richard Rawlings of Pangbourne.)
  • Joan Caddy (1920-1986)  + (Both were in the armed forces)
  • Francis Maunder (c1807-)  + (Both were residents of the parish. Marriage by Banns. Witnesses: John Budge and Joseph Horrell/MCorrell(?))
  • Helen Eliza Faithfull (1824-1847)  + (Brickfield Hill)
  • John Halbert Berry (c1861-1923)  + (Bride's home was at 23 John's Lane. and the couple continued living there. Geni's "About" page has much more detail, added by Raymond West.)