Sunny Corner is a small village in the central west of New South Wales, Australia and former mining area located between Lithgow and Bathurst just north of the Great Western Highway (Route 32). The township was originally called Mitchell but the local community always called the area Sunny Corner and the name continued in use [1].

The original inhabitants of the area later called Sunny Corner were Aboriginal people probably from the Wiradjuri tribe or nation and although by the time written records of the area were created there were no Aboriginal people living there, Powys notes some archaeological evidence of their occupation in the form of stone axes [2].

The town of Sunny Corner grew up following the discovery of silver lodes in the area in 1884. This prompted a "rush" to the area which had previously not been settled and a town grew up on Crown Land adjacent to the mining leases.

The village of Sunny Corner was formally gazetted on October 2, 1885 (as R No 122). The gazette also revoked temporary reserves presumably gazetted to cover the rush to Sunny Corner. Immediately to the north west a Recreation Reserve was gazetted and a camping reserve was also located on the southern border of the town.

Later the village was gazetted as a "Town": this occurred on September 3, 1887 [3].

The 1885 survey plan shows a number of buildings and features in situ at the time of survey and thus records the nature of the township at that time.


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Coordinates: 33°22′57″S 149°53′02″E / -33.3825, 149.88389

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