Susan Bradford
Sex: Female
Birth: 1765
Father: Richard Bradford (1739)
Mother: Elizabeth Singleton (c1748)
Spouse/Partner: John Humphrey (1765)

Susan Bradford

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  • There is a record for Sarah Bradford Humphrey's NC birth as being in Rowan, NC, as are some records for her siblings. Born in Rowan NC is woman who married a Bradford who had a daughter Sarah Bradford. Her name is recorded as Elizabeth Singleton. FAM search for Sarah Bradford, father Richard Bradford, and you will see the hit under IGI for Susanna Bradford. The mother's name is Elizabeth Singleton. Note that there are also records for Susan Bradford in this same search as being born in PA.
  • Further, there is a FAM search Ancestral file AFN: 1TLW-DX6 that states Susannah BRADFORD that married John Humphrey had parents Richard BRADFORD (AFN: 1TLW-F36), and Elizabeth SINGLETON (AFN: 1TLW-F4D) .
    • Richard's AFN record states he was born Abt. 1739 in Brunswick, Va
    • Elizabeth's states she was born Abt. 1743 in PA.

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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of John Humphrey (1765) and Susan Bradford (1765)
James Humphrey 1788 1788 Madison, GA 1843
Nathan Humphries 1795 1795 Rowan, NC
William Humphrey (1796) 25 NOV 1796 Rowan, NC 1854
Richard Bradford Humphrey 1795 1795 Madison, GA
Elizabeth Humphries 1797 1797 Rowan, NC
John Humphrey 1804 1804 Madison, GA 1851
Mary Humphrey 1808 1808 Madison, GA
Simeon Humphrey 1810 1810 Madison, GA
Rebecca Humphrey 1812 1812 Madison, GA
Sarah Humphrey (1815) 1815 Rowan, NC