Susanna Bemis Pierce was born 18 February 1701 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to Ephraim Bemis (1656-1738) and Elizabeth Unknown Bemis (1658-) and died circa 1742 Massachusetts of unspecified causes. She married Isaac Pierce (1700-1773) 7 September 1722 in Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Vital Records

There is a birth record for an "Anna" Bemis in Watertown vital records, daughter of Ephraim Bemis and Elizabeth. While most of the rest of the family apparently moved to Connecticut, it looks like Susanna and a few of her sisters stayed in Massachusetts. [Note: Most researchers have apparently assumed that the "Anna" born to Ephraim and Elizabeth is the same "Susanna" who married Isaac Pierce.]

There is a marriage record for Susanna Bemis in Watertown vital records: Bemis, Susanna, and Isaac Peirce, Sept. 7, 1722.

They have several children listed in Watertown vital records: Pierce, Josiah, s. Isaac and Susanah (Bemis), Feb. 13, 1722-3. Pierce, Joseph, s. Isaac and Susanna (Bemis), Nov. 23, 1724. Pierce, Abijah, s. Isaac and Susanna (Bemis), May 23, 1727. Pierce, Ephraim, s. Isaac and Susanna (Bemis), Aug. 12, 1729. Pierce, Susanna, d. Isaac and Susanna (Bemis), May 22, 1732. Pierce, Mary, d. Isaac and Susannah (Bemis), June 22, 1735.


Offspring of Isaac Pierce (1700-1773) and Susanna Bemis Pierce
Name Birth Death Joined with
Josiah Pierce (1723-1806)
Joseph Pierce (1724-1803)
Abijah Pierce (1727-1800) 23 May 1727 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 18 September 1800 Lincoln, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Thankful Brown (1730-1819)
Ephraim Pierce (1729-1790)
Susanna Pierce (1732-1773)
Mary Pierce (1735-1784)
Isaac Pierce (1735-1822)


Offspring of Ephraim Bemis (1656-1738) and Elizabeth Bond (1658-1712)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Bemis (1681-1734) 23 October 1687 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 11 January 1734 Weston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Jonathan Bigelow (1679-1745)
Sarah Bemis (1682-)
Rebecca Bemis (1684-)
Abigail Bemis (1686-1765)
James Bemis (1689-)
Daniel Bemis (1694-)
Ruth Bemis (1695-1749)
Susanna Bemis (1700-1742) 18 February 1701 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 1742 Massachusetts Isaac Pierce (1700-1773)
Ephraim Bemis (1702-)


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