Svyatoslav Ivanovich of Smolensk was born circa 1325 to Ivan Aleksandrovich of Smolensk (c1300-1359) and died circa 1386 Battle of the Vikhra River (1386) of Killed in battle.

Svyatoslav Ivanovich (c1325-1386), Grand Prince of Smolensk (1359-1386), the son of Ivan Aleksandrovich of Smolensk.


Svyatoslav Ivanovich took the throne of the Grand Principality of Smolensk after his father's death [1]. In 1368 he participated in the first campaign of Algirdas against Moscow , during the so-called "Litovshchina" . When Algirdas was forced to return to the western borders of his principality to repel an attack by the Teutonic Order, the troops which had attacked Moscow retreated to the territory of Smolensk. In 1370 troops of Smolensk took part in the second march of Algirdas against Moscow, after which Svyatoslav received a threatening message from the Patriarch of Constantinople. In 1372, within the framework of the peace treaty between Moscow and Lithuania, the world of Moscow was also signed with Smolensk [2].

In 1375, troops of Smolensk participated in the campaign of Dmitry Ivanovich Moscow against Tver, while, at the same time, Algirdas raided territory of Smolensk lands), in 1380, led by Svyatoslav's nephew, Ivan Vasilyevich Vyazemsky participated in the Battle of Kulokovo.

In 1386, the troops of Smolensk besieged the Lithuanian-controlled Mstislavl, but soon afterwards, the Polish-Lithuanian troops Jagiello Olgerdovich approached and defeated Smolensk in the Battle of the Vikhra River, where Svyatoslav was killed, his eldest son Gleb was taken prisoner, and his second son, Yuri, ascended to the throne of the Grand Principality of Smolensk and married the daughter of Oleg Ivanovich Ryazan and Evpraksiya Olgerdovna.


Alexander Dashek ( 1358 /60 - 1408 ) - the ancestor of the princes Dashkovs . Juliania (Ulyana) - the first wife of the Lithuanian boyar Monivid .

Ivan (about 1364 - 1403 ) - Prince Vyazemsky , according to another version, Prince Porkhovsky, while Prince Vyazemsky was Ivan - nephew of Svyatoslav Ivanovich. Daughter (?) [4] - the wife of Boris Mikhailovich (1362-1395), the son of Mikhail of Tver

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Offspring of Svyatoslav Ivanovich of Smolensk and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Gleb Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk (c1353-1399) 1353 12 August 1399
Anna of Smolensk (c1355-1418) 1355 31 July 1418 Trakai, Lithuania Vytautas (c1350-1430)
Unnamed daughter
Vasili Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk
Agrippina of Smolensk (c1355-c1410) 1355 1410 Ivan Olgimuntovich Olshansky (c1340-1402)
Yuri Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk (c1355-1407) 1355 1407
Iuliana of Smolensk
Aleksandr Svyatoslavovich Dashek (c1358-1408)
Ivan Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk (c1364-1403)


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Svyatoslav Ivanovich
Born: c1325 Died: 1386
Preceded by
Ivan Aleksandrovich
Prince of Smolensk
Succeeded by
Yuri Svyatoslavich

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