It may be fun to have an email from Geni tell the world that someone "added his first cousin five times removed's wife's first cousin thrice removed's wife's 15th cousin's wife's second great aunt's husband Robert Wright in Langholm to the tree". Makes me laugh. That includes four spouse steps that go beyond "blood" relationships (i.e. cousins with various removals). At present Familypedia can't manage much of that sort of networking apart from blood relationships. I wonder whether we want to go further!! — Robin Patterson (Talk) 00:41, November 9, 2010 (UTC)

Tree limits?[]

It's a change not to have messages from Geni tell me my tree now contains 100 members. But there seems to be a new limit of 5,000 (rather less than the 13,000 I added when joining). Despite stated additions, recent messages have all looked a bit like this:

Your family tree on Geni is growing! You now have 5000 relatives in your family tree.

Here are the newest additions to your tree:

Selwyn Feary added Helen Lewis, Helen Valentine, Elizabeth Valentine, Gertrude Valentine, Carmelita Valentine, Harry Bartlett-Miller, Mary Bartlett-Miller, Zita Valentine and George Rignall to the tree.
Fred Bergman (Nederlandse helper) added Perry Schaffer to the tree.

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 10:34, December 28, 2012 (UTC)