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A template intended to aid the creation of lists which are strings of items separated by a "divider" or "separator" character. {{middot}}, which redirects to this template, may also be used. Please note "Linewrap management" and the Example given below.

Character used
The divider/separator character used here is a bold middot (·) as it usually appears less conspicuously than a bullet (•) or the vertical-line ( | ) but more visibly than a plain middot (·). (The vertical-line also resembles the uppercase letter "I", lowercase "l" or the upright parts of "h", "k", etc.)
Linewrap management
The template prefixes the bold middot separator with a non-breaking space ( ) so {{·}} is meant to be suffixed to each item, i.e. without a space between it and the preceding item in the list, as shown below. This prevents the separator being linewrapped to the starts of lines.
<small> font-size alternative
For lists using a font-size 80% of normal font-size or less, {{·}} becomes too small. Use &nbsp;• (i.e. a non-breaking space followed by the bullet character) instead.
Code:   item 1{{·}} item 2{{·}} item 3{{·}} item 4
Result:  item 1 · item 2 · item 3 · item 4
· <small> middot
· middot
· <small> bold middot
· bold middot
<small> bullet
bold bullet

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