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If the page name is exactly the same (which it should be for all "place" pages), nothing need be added; but if the WP page name differs, paste it after a pipe before the closing brackets.

Wording was changed to "may" to cover the growing number of cases where a templated link generally leads to a WP page but sometimes does not. Examples include:

  • U.S. counties that are also cities, where the "People from" category is only for the city but our standard templates ("Born in" and "Resided in") are on county pages
  • "Hndis" pages, where we add this template on the preload just in case, but where readers will often find that Wikipedia's name, if any, differs ; readers can then edit so that later readers get an accurate link

See also Template:Also on Wikipedia, which should be used only for articles because it strips namespace prefixes.