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Adds tabs to the top of a page, showing "Main" and "Births etc"
Add {{Bdm}} or {{bdm}} to the top of any page for a locality (city, hamlet, or any other settlement) or county or even a country (but you may get unusably large lists for a country). (We have no template for states/provinces yet.)
The template can be incorporated in the templates that go on related subpages but adds nothing really helpful there.
After you add the template, the subpage has to be created. Clicking on the "Births etc" tab opens the subpage. To create the subpage, just add {{bdm1}} in the edit screen if it's a locality, {{bdm2}} for a county, {{bdm4}} for a country.
We recently added "bdm" to the "one-click" templates visible on the right of the edit screen if you have that section open. When you want "bdm1" just click the icon then type "1"; or a 2 for bdm2 or a 4 for bdm4. Then you can "Tab", click the same icon, and type the same number to produce a quick adequate Edit Summary.
Adding to pages for nations or first-level subdivisions needs care. see Category:BDM subpages.