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Adds births, deaths, etc to a subpage of any place, and includes the page in Category:BDM subpages and the category for the place
Add {{Bdm1}} or {{bdm1}} on top of a "/bdm" subpage of any place page. If you can see four green jigsaw puzzle pieces to the right of the edit box (which is likely if you are using the standard "skin"), find the one that gives you {{Bdm}}, click it, then type "1".
Use {{bdm1|CatName=alternate name}} if the category does not have the same name as the base page.
See also Familypedia:Model_place_page/procedure#Add_the_Bdm_subpage.
The template activates the {{showfacts locality}} template for that place. This generates a list of all persons born, baptised, married, died or buried there who have that information included in their "facts" articles. It may include others from categories.
Table lengths are limited so that pages can never become unworkably long. If any table would contain more than the limit, users see a "Further results" link, which gives them that table in a slightly different form and leads to a "design-it-yourself" setup, which can be more informative than the original table.