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{{cat more|WP:WikiProject}} produces: {{cat more|WP:WikiProject|l1=WikiProject}} produces:

Multiple link targets

  • {{cat more|1}} produces:
  • {{cat more|Talk:1|l1=1}} produces:
  • {{cat more|1|2}} produces:
  • {{cat more|Talk:1|l1=1|Talk:2|l2=2}} produces:
  • {{cat more|1|2|3}} produces:
  • {{cat more|Talk:1|l1=1|Talk:2|l2=2|Talk:3|l3=3}} produces:
  • {{cat more|1|2|3|4}} produces:
  • {{cat more|Talk:1|l1=1|Talk:2|l2=2|Talk:3|l3=3|Talk:4|l4=4}} produces:
  • {{cat more|1|2|3|4|5}} produces:
  • {{cat more|Talk:1|l1=1|Talk:2|l2=2|Talk:3|l3=3|Talk:4|l4=4|Talk:5|l5=5}} produces:

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