AWT was discontinued by about 2015. Some of its files have been "moved" to WorldConnect, but not all of them have the same database numbers. Please help us all if you find a page that has {{Cite AWT}}, which no longer works. If you can find the same person on WorldConnect, please replace the link. You may be able to use {{Cite WC}} and you may be lucky to find the same database reference.

The notes below generally apply also to the use of {{Cite WC}}.

Shortens references to an individual's page on AWT, the Ancestry World Tree
AWT URLs are like this: (database number) &id= (ID of individual)
Instead of (or after) pasting the full URL into the "source" field, type {{Cite AWT||}} then insert the database number after the first pipe and the ID number after the second.
The resulting display on the wiki makes it much easier to check whether you already have that individual's page elsewhere.
Can be really handy if you are dealing with several individuals from the same database: have the bulk of the template ready in another window and copy/paste with just the ID number to type in, so that you do not have to go to the page and copy and paste the whole URL.
This template gives you the "GET" page, i.e. the page with most info about the person. Sometimes a different page is more useful (notably the pedigree, which gives parents' death details, and the descendancy, which gives children's death details). We do not yet have a template for any of them.
WorldConnect has a similar URL structure. We have a similar template for it. Other popular "sources" are not too different.