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[[Category:Counties of {{{1}}}]][[Category:Established in {{{2}}}]]

The above template contains all or most of what is wanted on a county category for the United States. Just type or paste {{ctycat|Statename|....}}, where:

  1. "Statename" is the name of the state (with "Georgia" not needing "(U.S. state)" added, because the country Georgia does not have counties)
  2. "...." should be replaced by the year of formal establishment of the county. Leave four dots if unknown; the resulting dotty category will show in our maintenance area and can be trimmed when getting too big. We may find and apply the years in batches using "List of counties in ...". Maybe a genius will produce a GET routine to automate it.

If any county is now a combined city and county, the template may not work because Wikipedia and Commons may not have pages for the county name. Where that applies, paste the text of the template (four templates and two categories) in (without the "<noinclude>"), and adjust each template using a piped parameter where necessary after opening the link in a new window to check.

Alaska boroughs use {{ctycat-AK|....}} and Louisiana parishes use {{ctycat-LA|....}}, with the statename built in. Same procedure as above if the borough or parish is combined with a city.

(Then we have the independent city type in Virginia — basically equivalent to a county and needing county-type navboxes if their people etc are to get our standard categories. They may need an AK- or LA-type solution too. Do other states have any?)

Other countries in North or South America can probably use the template in exactly the same way. Other continents mostly have different starting years for their "Daily life" sections and therefore need a different initial template, such as Template:Navbox county-uk.