People who died in [[{{{1}}}, {{{2}}}|{{{1}}}]], [[{{{2}}}]], United States of America.

The main article for this category is D-us. Please create and/or use it for appropriate text and to list qualifying people, places, sources, etc that may not yet have their own pages.
When this category grows, it may have subcategories for:
  • people who died in the county in a specific period
  • townships or other types of [[:Category:Settlements in {{{2}}}|settlement]]

[[Category:{{{1}}}, {{{2}}}]][[Category:Died in {{{2}}}|{{{1}}}]]

[edit] [purge] Template documentation

The above template is generally all that is needed on the editable part of a category page for "Died in Somesuch County, Mystate" in the United States (and see below for other American countries). Just type or paste this:

{{d-us|Somesuch County|Mystate}}

(with appropriate local variations for county/borough/parish and state).

The template is adaptable for Canada and for any province or state or even city of any North or South American country, possibly using separate templates for each such country so that local variations of page naming can be accommodated (for example, so that the name of the country can be appended to the introductory sentence if it is not in the page name). Note the small differences between this and Template:Died in UK, where the county page name does not include the state.

The very first template of this set was Template:Born in UK. Nearly all of us have an ancestor who fits that one, so it's an appropriate model! We try to add improvements to it as models for the series for each continent.

Other continents may use one of these if appropriate but may need a different navbox template.