Organizations, places, or other things established in the year [[{{{2}}}]]. See also: [[:Category:Disestablished in {{{2}}}|Disestablished in {{{2}}}]] (if any).

[[:Category:Established in the {{{3}}}s]]: [[:Category:Established in {{{3}}}|←]] [[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}1|{{{1}}}1]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}2|{{{1}}}2]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}3|{{{1}}}3]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}4|{{{1}}}4]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}5|{{{1}}}5]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}6|{{{1}}}6]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}7|{{{1}}}7]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}8|{{{1}}}8]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{1}}}9|{{{1}}}9]]-[[:Category:Established in {{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]

[[Category:Established in {{{2}}}|Established]] [[Category:Established in the {{{3}}}s|*Estcat1]]


Decades are defined as starting with the year 1 of the decade and finishing with the year 10.

The first decade starts with the year 1 and finishes with the year 10

First parameter

This is the decade (without the last digit of the year) Eg. for 1923 use 192. For 1920 use 191 (this is the last year of the decade 1911-1920)

Second parameter

This is the year. Eg for 1923 use 1923

Third parameter

This last year of the previous decade Eg. For 1923 use 1920. Equally for 1920 use 1910

Fouth parameter

This is the last year of the decade. Eq For 1923 use 1930. For 1920 use 1920