Template gives an "event in" category two parent categories, one for the place, one for the event over a wider area.
Blank template
|Event = 
|CurPlace = 
|Place = 
Use on categories that contain an Event (Born, Died, Married, Resided) in a certain place
  • Event - specify the event ("Born", "Died", etc).
  • CurPlace - specify the current place, copied from the name of the category (see example below) but with any initial "the" removed
  • Place - use next broader place name, adding "the" if applicable (e.g. "the Netherlands", UK, US, ...)
Example input
In the category name "Born in Kent," use:
|Event = Born
|CurPlace = Kent
|Place = England
Example output
Categorizes the category into the following:
*[[Category:Born in England|Kent]]
If the place is a county or equivalent (e.g.Regions of New South Wales), please instead use the series that includes {{d-uk}}) so as to add the county template etc.
In many cases it may be quicker to copy&paste the category name, convert it to a link, paste a second copy of that, then modify the two.