Template gives to a "something (e.g. an event) in" category two parent categories, one for the place, one for the "something" over a wider area. Use on categories that contain an Event (Born, Died, Married, Resided) in a certain place, or any other category covering something IN the place, such as businesses, cemeteries, and settlements.
Paste this expanded template and add data after each "="
|Event = <!-- or other, e.g. "Cemeteries" -->
|CurPlace = 
|Place = <!-- larger inclusive place -->
  • Event - First word of the category name ("Born", "Died", etc).
  • CurPlace - specify the Current place, copied from the name of the category (see example below) but without any initial "the".
  • Place - use next broader place name, adding "the" if applicable (e.g. "the Netherlands", UK, US, ...).
Example input
In the category name "Born in Ohio," use:
|Event = Born
|CurPlace = Ohio
|Place = the United States
Example output
Categorizes the category into the following:
*[[Category:Born in the United States|Ohio]]
If the place is a county or equivalent (e.g.Regions of New South Wales), please instead use the series that includes {{d-uk}}) so as to add the county template etc.
If the place is a continent, do not use this; instead use a variant of the method noted below to put the category in its continent category and in a category such as "[[Category:People by death continent|''Continentname'']]". The latter group will be rarely used but may be the key to someone's brick wall if great-grandfather's last letter said Aunt Zoe emigrated to America.
In many cases (perhaps depending on your browser and settings) it may be quicker to drag/copy&paste the category name, convert it to a link, paste a second copy of that (e.g. Control plus successively A, C, V, V), then modify the two (cutting all but the place out of the first, and inserting the larger place plus a pipe into the second).
Someone may feel inspired to do an equivalent that has "of" instead of "in", for use with most of the categories mentioned on Genealogy:County navigation templates. But maybe someone already has done one but has kept it a secret, uncategorised as this one was.