[edit] [purge] Template documentation

Purpose:: formats <new note> delimiters in source and notes properties for output inside of <ref> tags.

  • Parameter 1: prefix of the notes and sources properties. Terminate with underscore. EG: birth_ death_ etc. For general info properties without prefix (eg property:sources), set it to null: (Facts do ref|1=|). It expects properties eg birth_sources_primary to contain strings with wikitext using <new note> marker to separating items.
  • Parameter 2 = smwbasepage: This is the same value as in multilingual templates- this is the name of the article with all the SMW properties for the topic (this is by default the english language version of the article).

Background: <ref> tags are evaluated before others in templates and so it is not possible to generate proper separated references at this time. In the future, this template might associate styles with the individual notes so that they are rendered for print in a better manner. It is a bad idea to have contributors placing formatting elements (bullets, and line breaks) inside data fields. Instead, we ask them to structurally indicate where the separation between one note and the next is. For folks that want different formatting, stick a flag on this template, and switch to a different output delimiter in the arraymap statement (in place of the break and bullet list item).