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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Find a Grave/doc. Template for reference to a memorial on the Find a Grave website.

Usage guidance

Care should be taken when deciding to make a link to the Find A Grave website. While photographs of gravestones provide useful information, the biographical and other additional details are user-submitted and may therefore not be reliable. If there are fully reliable sources which may be used, then the Find a Grave link should not be used, or should be removed in place of the more reliable source.

As an Wikipedia:WP:External link

Remove from External links if Find a Grave is already cited in main body, if burial information is provided in main body by a more reliable source, or if the page contains any unlicensed copyrighted information (e.g., professional portrait photography or copies of obituaries from a newspaper).

As a reference for article content

Find a Grave is not considered by some to qualify as a reliable source. Whenever appropriate reliable sources discuss the same material, editors are encouraged to prefer those to a Find a Grave link. If any of the parameters:

  • author
  • date
  • accessdate

are specified, this template will produce a citation with {{Cite web}}. Otherwise, it produces a format for use in an "External links" section. If used as a reference, it should not be duplicated in the "External links" section.


  • grid (parameter 1, required) – The Find A Grave Memorial# (the GRid parameter in the URL – e.g. 1234 for
  • name (parameter 2, optional) – The name of the deceased. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}} if not specified.
  • work (parameter for {{Cite web}}) – A group or category within the Find a Grave site
  • author (parameter for {{Cite web}}) – The original author of the article at Find a Grave
  • date (parameter for {{Cite web}}) – The date of the article at Find a Grave
  • accessdate (parameter for {{Cite web}}) – The date this citation was added or last updated


Basic example:

{{Find a Grave|1234|Henri Langlois}}


Henri Langlois at Find A Grave

This is an example using all of the parameters:

 <ref name="FG" >{{Find a Grave
 | grid       = 94078737
 | name       = Sally Kristen Ride
 | date       = July 23, 2012
 | accessdate = September 23, 2012
 | author     = Marc J. Daniluke
 | work       = Astronauts

produces: [1]

  1. ^ Marc J. Daniluke (July 23, 2012). "Sally Kristen Ride". Astronauts. Find A Grave. Retrieved September 23, 2012. 

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