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English:   This infobox is edited by Form:Media_facts and provides complete information about the file, including the event description of when and where the depicted event occurred, origination, copyright status and source.

  • Places-other or simply Places is used for place names that do not fit into any of the other classifications below. For example, neighborhoods, communities, suburbs, boroughs, wards, census districts, landmarks like "Empire state building", Giradelli Square, Mt. Everest. This property may have multiple values separated by semicolons.
  • Street The name of a street, road, highway or other thoroughfare where the place is located. Indicate the name as it usually appears in documents. Do not abbreviate: use "avenue" "street", "road" and so on.
  • Address is intended for lines as they would appear on an envelope to be sent to a location. Each line should be separated by a semicolon.
  • Locality refers to a settlement that is independent of a larger locality. A locality might be a village, hamlet, town, city or major metropolitan area. In the case of communities, neighborhoods, wards, suburbs and other places that are part of a larger locality, these sublocalities should be encoded using the places-other property.
  • Nation-subdiv1 corresponds to the first level political subdivision of a sovereign nation's government.  Examples: province, oblast, region, state, canton...
  • County means the 2nd subdivision immediately below that of a subdivision1. This could correspond to the terms "parish", "borough", "district", "shire", or other terms depending on usage. If multiple layers exist, the corresponding subdivision chosen should be the level that would most likely occur in genealogical documents existing between the level of a municipality or settlement and the level of the first subdivision. Usage guidelines should be worked out by contributors interested in familypedia articles related to the region.
For more details on this topic, see Project:Classification conventions (geographic names).

For technical users

Brief syntax description for direct editing

{{Media facts
|author          =
|description     =
|document_kind = (see [[Form:Media_facts|form]] for values)
|other_versions  = (optional} (semicolon delimiting File pages)
|people_depicted = (semicolon delimiting person articles)
|permission      = optional, (see [[Form:Media_facts|form]] for values)
|topic_tags = (semicolon delimiter)
|topic_address =
|topic_street =
|topic_locality  =
|topic_county    =
|topic_nation-subdiv1 =
|topic_nation   =
|topic_coord     =
|topic_year      =  (9999=unknown date)  |topic_month      = (numeric 1-12)   |topic_day      = |topic_hour      = |topic_minute      =
|topic_date-approx = (circa, before, after)
|topic_if-bce = (true, false)
|upload_source   =
|upload_url   =
|description-es  = description in spanish
|description-<lang> = where lang may be de,es,en,fr,ja,nl,pl,pt,ru,zh (any others may be added when desired- post a request at "Forum")

e.g. the source code of the description of File:Abraham Lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait.jpg:

{{Media facts
|description=Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of The United States.
|description-es=Abraham Lincoln fue el décimo sexto Presidente de los Estados Unidos.
|topic_year=1863 | topic_month =11 | topic_day=08
|topic_locality=Washington D.C.
|topic_nation-subdiv1=District of Columbia
|topic_country=United States
|people_depicted=Abraham Lincoln (1865)
|upload_source=Library of Congress
|author=Alexander Gardner (photographer) (1821-1882)