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This template categorizes people who migrated between countries.
It assigns values to Property:Ancestry. This is a recursive property. The values are the country of birth of self plus those of ancestors.
The template also writes a little sentence: Ancestors are from ...
As this now automatic, there will be very little need for anyone to use it actively.
This template (formerly {{CatMigration}}) has become part of {{showfacts biography}} since being added to some pages; it should be deleted from pages that have that all-encompassing template if repetition is not wanted.
Regrettably, the template sometimes gets the migration wrong. Not everyone born in one place migrated from that place, and not everyone who died in a place had migrated to it: in each case the event may have happened while the person or his or her mother was on holiday; and some people made major migrations twice in their lives, not a single migration from birthplace to death place. We have the capability of developing templates that allow contributors to specify origin and destination of actual migrations; it needs work, but it will cut out the above-mentioned errors when it is developed.
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