On main article or category for area

Just put {{Navbox Ausdiv}} at the top of the main category or article for the county etc. Follow it with {{alsoWP}} to link to the Wikipedia equivalent, if any; where the WP page has a different name, include that after a pipe, e.g. {{alsoWP|Exe County, Victoria, Australia}}.

Until forums are set up corresponding to the India, UK, and US forums, the links to community messages will not lead to proper forum-type pages; an incentive for early decisions on how the remaining states should be divided - see Regions of Western Australia.

See Template:ctycat and Template:ctycat-eu for a way to incorporate the above and other features of main county pages. Adaptations for other countries should be possible.

Derived pages

The template's form assumes that BASEPAGENAME (i.e. the name without any subpage additions) is the name of the county or other division. That applies to the subpages (i.e. pages that begin with the county name followed by a slash). However, it is not true on the category pages (such as all of the "People" group) or most other pages where the template may be used. For those pages, override with the parameter |mainpage=NEWNAME (where NEWNAME is the county name). For example, on a page called "Category:Born in Cumberland County, New South Wales" or "List of libraries in Cumberland County, New South Wales", the template will look like this: {{Navbox_Ausdiv|mainpage=Cumberland County, New South Wales}}. If that page is a category, it is a good idea to add {{catmore+}} so as to encourage readers to create an article instead of writing on the category page. Recently developed county category templates such as Template:Born in UK have that and other enhancements built in; please use them and help to create equivalents for other countries.


This is for states, regions, counties, and other state subdivisions in Australia; it may work for New Zealand and South Africa.