This is for districts in India. Note that "District" and "division" have a lower-case "d" in page names and text.

Please feel free to update as necessary, e.g. more historical periods, remove/add locations of genealogical records (churches probably of minority interest; temples and mosques may have similar records).

Usage: To create new subpages or categories for a district anywhere in "British India" (or anywhere in Asia if you like), just click the "broken link" and write something appropriate.

Where the result is a subpage, please insert the following at the top of the page:

{{Navbox county-india}}

The same template can be added to any district-specific categories or articles that are not subpages (i.e. that don't begin with the district name followed by a slash; e.g. the People group above), but for them it needs a small addition: copy the following text and replace "Amravati district" with the article name for your district:

{{Navbox county-india |mainpage=Amravati district}}

If that page is a category, it is a good idea to add {{catmore+}} so as to encourage readers to create an article instead of writing on the category page. Several of the main category types for various countries now have that built into templates such as Template:Born in UK; please use them as much as possible and offer to create new ones. See Genealogy:County navigation templates.