President Obama's ancestor, number

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Concisely indicates that an individual is an Obama ancestor and should therefore appear on his Ahnentafel in the position or positions indicated.
Type {{Obama}} then add a space then the number, or add the letter "s" followed by spaces and numbers, such numbers being found in the Ahnentafel linked above (and linked from the word "ancestor" in the template display), or on the individual's page if someone has entered them there.
[[Nancy Pryor (bef 1765-c1821)]] is {{Obama}}s 425 and 429
Nancy Pryor (bef 1765-c1821) is President Obama's ancestor, numbers 425 and 429
Handy phrase to flesh out a biography. ({{h2e}} has a corresponding effect for Henry II of England.)
Helps keep track of multiple appearances, so that a new appearance of that person (as the parent of a different child) is spelt out only once, with the person's ancestors being shown only in positions derived from the lowest number (e.g. so long as 425 is the lowest we know for the above-mentioned Nancy, her parents are named just at 850 and 851 except if wanted elsewhere because one of her siblings has been found to belong on the Ahnentafel).