This template is in wide use on Wikipedia. However due to insufficient numbers of contributors to Genealogy wikia, there are not enough folks to come to concensus on such disputes concerning content or supportability of facts. Contributors are urged to use their best judgement and to proactively resolve issues independently in the spirit of assuming good faith and wiki civility. These templates that may appear in transported WP origin articles have been disabled in the meantime. If you are re-enabling this template, kindly announce this at the Watercooler.

Use this template to ask for a POV-check. "POV" is an abbreviation for "Point of View". "NPOV" is an abbreviation for "Neutral Point of View".


Place {{POV-check}} at the top of the suspect article, then explain your reasons on the This template is a self-reference.

For POV issues which are disputed, use the {{POV}} template instead.

{{Wikipedia:Resolving Disputes/Templates}}

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