This is a semantic forms template and is normally never manipulated directly by contributors. Values for it are produced through use of Form:Person. However, the template may be used directly by sophisticated users. Care must be taken with certain items or results will be unpredictable.

Notes for those using the templates directly: Data formats must be compliant with the formats for data types used by Semantic forms. Please observe output from Form:Person for examples of correct input for this template. For example:

  • Dates must be YYYY/MM/DD format. [1]

This template can be called with any combination of the following items: ?

Do not use the template with parameters that are not recognized by the template. (The forms code will replicate the unrecognized parameters to other templates.)

Detail note: The forms command #declare is used for setting properties directly from parameter values. Because it expects use with forms, one must flush the cache after saving before values will appear in the appropriate properties. This is in addition to the flush required for Showfacts forms. So those writing to templates directly must actually flush twice before results will appear in the infobox sidebar.

Technical notes

  1. ^ Those using scripts, bots or templates for doing conversions may use the time function for subst'ing values. EG:{{subst:#time:Y/m/d|12 May 1847}} will convert to the proper format on save.
{{Set birth
|   birth date=
|   birth date-time= 
|   birth date-y = 
|   birth date-m = 
|   birth date-approx = 
|   birth date-calendar = 
|   birth street-address=
|   birth locality =
|   birth county = 
|   birth subdivision1 =
|   birth country = 
|   birth coord = 
|   birth tags = 
|   birth involved people = 
|   birth notes = 
|   birth sources  =  
|   birth pictures  =  
|   birth documents  =  
|   birth other files  =