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Purpose: Sets the property date from consitutent date components passed to it. Conditionally displays date if nobogus flag is set and year parameter is non null.


  1. Kind of date. For instance, if "birth", then Property:birth_date is set. legal values: birth, baptism, death, remains, wedding1, migration1_start, migration_end and so on.
  2. Year Default =9999. (Rationale: sorted tables will work and place these obviously non specified years at end.
  3. Month
  4. Day
  5. Hour
  6. Minutes default =00 if hour is included, and minutes is omitted. (Rationale: SMW date input does not allow input of hour only. Minutes must be included).
  7. If BCE date. Value=true sets the date to BCE (before common era).
  • Parameter "nobogus": if set, then if year is empty (date is bogus), do not display the date.

How it could be improved

  • what about the date-approx values (circa, after before?)

Support contact(s): ~ Phlox

If a higher order time unit is missing, the lower order units will not be set in the date. That is, if Month is omitted, then only year will be set even if day is set.