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Showfacts children will display children (but not step children) in family groups for either the person listed or any of his/her spouses. For more detail notes see my write up here : User:MainTour/SMW Notes. MainTour (talk) 00:53, 27 June 2022 (UTC)

SMW Query Protocol
  1. Step1 - If Children Found - create section header
  2. Step2 - Declare data as a property data for this person page. (Necessary for all other templates {{Showfacts siblings}}, {{showfacts descendants}}, Spouses, etc, to work)
  3. Step3A - for father: display all children data declared - Using {{Showfacts children/nest3}} which will display all children family groups found
  4. Step3B - for wife: If no children found, assume children may be listed on partner's profile. Use {{Showfacts_children/nest2}} to find partners. Then use {{Showfacts children/nest8}} to first declare new children {{showfacts children/nest9}} and then display {{Showfacts children/nest4}} only children from partner's page (but exclude step-children.)
  • Use "Special:Browse" (John Mangum (1817-1881)) to verify all property data fields created for a person profile (Semantic MediaWiki properties)
  • {{Showfacts siblings}} - uses several of these same routines to create family group tables
  • {{showfacts descendants}} - relies on data created here to run tables (especially for daughters descendants)
  • {{Showfacts children/nest2}} - search for partners with children for this person
  • {{Showfacts children/nest3}} - for self person -search/init call for all children groups (upto 24 marriages)
  • {{Showfacts children/nest4}} - Created a wikitable (basic HTML) for a family group - list father and mother in table header.
  • {{Showfacts children/nest5}} - Add a child to the family group wikitable
  • {{Showfacts children/nest8}} - Search for your children groups. Preparatory to Declare your children as a SMW Data property - See Special:Browse to verify data declaration. Refresh pages 1-3 times as necessary -beginning with page that originates the SMW Data.
  • {{Showfacts children/nest9}} - Declare your children as a SMW Data property (Called by Nest8)
  • {{Showfacts children/nest19}} - If Nest2 detects children groups on spouse records, then display these family groups.

Data Protocol
  • Children - must be properly declared in preferably the father's data record. Use or refresh Edit with Form (twice if necessary) to ensure that children SMW data property is properly declared. You can confirm with with Special:Browse page properties. Example see Special:Browse/William Mangum (1706-1744).
  • Form Data Type allows up to 10 Children groups to be declared
  • Form Data Type allows up to 19 spouses to be declared
  • Tracking variable "ch" = children data exists 1=true / 0=false
  • Tracking variable "fn" = footnote data exists 1=true / 0=false
  • This Template (Showfacts children3) could display upto 24 children groups for upto 24 spouses - except as limited by the "Form" property declarations
  • Example - See Brigham Young (1801-1877) for limitations on children and spouses declared.
  • Example - See Heber Chase Kimball (1801-1868) and children with 10th wife Sarah Ann Whitney (1825-1873) - 10th group is declared by Children Form, but not the 11th.
  • short_name of the parent (which shows at the top of the box)
  • width: of child box(es)
  • children-g1: Children of the same parents are in the same group. Each child name is followed by a "plus" sign with NO carriage returns (i.e. no "ENTER"). Spaces may precede and follow each "+".
  • children-g1_notes:
  • children-g1_sources:
  • children-g1_sources_primary:
  • children-g1_sources_secondary:
Related form
Form:Children controls the structure and format of the data displayed by {{Showfacts children}}, {{Siblings}}, and {{descendants}}.
  • HTML basic - how to create/format a WikiTable
  • MediaWiki - How to manage data loops and conditionals
  • SemanticMediaWiki(SMW) - How to query data using #ask and #show.