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Purpose of Template Nest4 : to create one children group wiki table. This template can be used to create 1) a children's table or 2) a Siblings table. To be called by template Template:Showfacts children/nest3 is it loops through a person with 1 or more spouses/children groups.

Only display this family group if there are kids founds here:


  • Part A - identify parents and switch to father first. Use short name for self profile. sname4=0:Siblings / sname4=1:Self / sname4=2:Spouse.
  • Part B - search for and flag if this family group has footnotes. Only if for Children / skip if for Siblings.
  • Part C - Create the WikiTable Header for this family group
    • including taglink to footnotes [[#notes_link|<sup>¢</sup>]]

Data Calls :

  • parent (person profile with children data)
  • group (family group # (1-9))
  • spouse (replace with unknown parent if empty)
  • kids = children string

This template will then use Teamplate array map Template:Showfacts children/nest5 to create a family group wiki table for this parent and spouse.