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{{showfacts descendants}} shows a numbered list of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren, with links to each of them and to the corresponding (/descendants) subpage of the great-great-grandchildren.
{{showfacts descendants|header=text}}
header is optional text which appears before the tree
{{showfacts descendants}} must be placed on BASEPAGENAME/descendants page, which is one of the standard subpages creatable from buttons or links on "Edit with form" or the /sensor subpage. The /sensor subpage need not be created before the descendants subpage is created; the sensor page must be published or republished before the tab for this template will display on it. The tab will appear on the main article when that article is next republished after the sensor page has picked up the subpage.
How it works
(Experts SHOULD fill this in.)
Other notes
Our current active expert (around the year 2010) said we could not add another generation within the software's template limits. Then in mid-June 2010 another generation was added. Then a few months later it was cut back again.
If links are using redirects, they may not all show here or on tree pages; if you rename a person article, you should edit all person-page property parameters that were linking to it. If you want to know exactly how to do that, ask an expert to put it in less technical language, preferably right here.