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[edit] [purge] Template documentation
Shows births, marriages, deaths, and burials on a page for a locality (using Semantic MediaWiki).
(1) originally you could type or paste {{Showfacts locality}} on a place page; you can still do that, but it can look messy and may be inadvertently deleted if someone updates the page
(2) since mid-2012, the much preferred procedure is to type or paste just {{bdm1}} on a locality "/bdm" subpage, because that automatically shows tabs and adds the subpage to a category while displaying the births etc
Use of a subpage is highly recommended because it is so simple and gets the list categorized, and the base page will never grow so long as to look unbalanced.
Create a link from the locality page just by typing {{bdm}} near the top, then add {{bdm1}} as the only content of the subpage that will be linked from the resulting tab.
Options for the future
If you would like this template extended to include everyone categorized as having resided in the place, use the talk page to discuss.
For the same effect on a different page, such as a county page including lists for all named settlements within it, we will need a more complex template, such as {{Show people in places}}.