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Facts Pages
Purpose: Displays the standard infobox viewed in the upper right corner of articles. All languages share the same template, and translations go in a language specific file.

Parameters: This template sets large numbers of properties that are documented on page Help:Properties_for_persons_(showfacts)

Template parameters affect the display of the infobox:
  • infobox-links = This sets links at the foot of the infobox to arbitrary pages.
Preset links: Legal values: "ahnentafel, ancestors, descendants, pedigree". Separator:"+"
Custom links: Arbitrary links are supported. Pattern:
<link destination page> ~ <link text> + (further link pairs)...
Separate the left hand link destination with a Tilde '~' from the right hand portion that is the link text. Use of the string function for internationalized strings is encouraged. (See Strings:en). Use + to separate link pairs. Example value:
{{BASEPAGENAME}}/ancestors~{{string|fm-view ancestors}}+{{BASEPAGENAME}}/descendants~{{string|fm-view descendants}}
Property Parameters: Values to this template are typically set by Form:Person-ex. Direct manipulation is possible but not encouraged as subtle errors can be created. Showfacts templates are not guaranteed to work with manually entered values, you may get some people to help you out, and in some cases the errors will be corrected if the page re saved from form edit mode.
Full documentation for the hundred+ parameters may be found at Help:Properties_for_persons_(showfacts)

Translations:If the tables are not labeled in your language, or are labeled incorrectly, see page strings:en, and use the navigation bar to go to your language. Edit the page using the form, and you will be able to correct errors and add missing terms.

Footnote symbols: (html entity name symbols for sources as well as notes)

  • usual order is: *, †,‡,§,¶, # However, some may be invisible, and we don't know what the previous used symbol is. So instead we arbitrarily assign marks to only correspond to one kind of bit of information:
form field entity name parameter value
short name display &Dagger if notes or sources
Father, Mother &Dagger if notes or sources
Participated in Events &Dagger if notes or sources
birth &#8486 birth_notes or sources
baptism &dagger baptism_notes or sources
death &para death_notes or sources
remains &sect § remains_notes or sources
wedding N &#8362 ₪1 wedding#_notes or sources
residence N &prod (N=1) ∏1 residence#_notes or sources
journeys &#8710 journey_notes or sources